Why I support the Affordable Care Act AKA Obama Care

I really wish that those anti health care morons, also known as Republicans, would take the lobbyists that are lurking in their closets with loads of money and just say no. It is no big secret that insurance companies, the medical industry and related interests have the Republicans on their payrolls.I for one want to see Obamacare go into action.

I am one of those working poor people, you know one of the 99% that support the 1% assholes. They can afford decent healthcare. Me, I have to get it through my job and if my job does not offer it or I have to pay half my paycheck as a co-pay, then I am screwed. Yes, I try to stay as healthy as I can but no one can predict tripping over something and breaking an arm or getting cancer. Those 1% assholes can afford anything they want and then have the gall to have us 99% 'ers denied what they have.

Let's face it, it is not about the cost of the Affordable Care Act, it is about denying health care to the multitudes. 

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