Jannz, new website you have to visit

I just found this new website. Lots of videos and it just keeps me entertained. The website is Jannz.com

Take a look at it. They also have a very small but growing YouTube channel at Jannz


Stupid shit that people have become

I have not written on this blog in what seems forever but something has gotten my blood boiling and I just have to let off steam.

About the past year or so I have seen a marked increase of gun ownership promotion. Not only from the NRA but from some of the idiots that I actually know. No big deal I thought until I started to see this shit:

Yep a Christian Church having an assault weapon give away. Just to be clear, this is not a hunting rifle but an AR. This weapon was designed to kill people and people only.

It really makes you wonder what they preach at that church.

Kill others before they can kill you, is not one of Jesus's teachings.

Looks like a church that has gotten the "if you can't beat them, join them" philosophy going.

If that is what Christianity has become, I'll think I'll pass.