Who the hell is Ted Cruz?

I started hearing about this politician just today. He is junior Senator from Texas and he can talk and talk and ................. In fact he is on a marathon filibuster, a filibuster that may end up shooting the Republicans in the foot. But enough of the filibuster, who is this guy? I found some interesting facts and trivia about Ted Cruz, so here we go.

  • His full name is Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz
  • He is Hispanic, but doesn't look it
  • He was born in Canada
  • His father is Cuban
  • His mother is American of Irish and Italian descent
  • He supports gun rights - remember he is from Texas
  • Opposes same sex marriage
  • He would rather shut down the government than have Obama care go into affect.
So in the next few days we will hear more about this guy. He will either be a hero to his party or an embarrassment.

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