How in the world do people become famous just by blogging

I simply don't understand how some people can write a blog and get thousands of "followers," get on TV and become famous for writing a blog. I CAN understand if those people had committed a crime but not for writing a blog.

Let's face it, there are millions of blogs out in cyberland. A good portion of them have 3 blog posts and then are left to die, but they never die, they just simply float around for years to come. So how does one person's small little bit of daily or weekly writing get to the big time? Heck if I know. My guess is that it is like the millions of people that play guitars or sing for a hobby and never get noticed.......and maybe one or two people do. Those few that do become famous singers or song writers. It is all about getting noticed.

Since I am not the type of person to bring attention on myself, I guess I will not be noticed, followed nor become a famous blogger......... sniff.

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